Three unique projects that will meet your expectations from a modern house: Vega, Antares, Mimosa

Tepeoren With Photos
 Tepeoren Villas by YonKonut

Technology of 2000s

Tepeoren Villas is manufactured with YonKonut guarantee that contributes to construction sector, through unique and patented production techniques and 25 years experience of construction, since 1996.

Our villas that is compliant with the Earthquake Requirements and subject to inspection over construction, is much lighter and more esthetical than traditional reinforced concrete construction, with their main body covered with YonPanel on thick steel construction.

What is YonPanel technology?

YonPanel technology is a patented application of YonKonut

 Tepeören Villas

 Şakir Ahmet Yılmaztürk A Word From Chairman

Yon Konut Modern Construction System Co.
Construction Field: Tepeoren koyu, Iskenderli mevkii, Gocbeyli yolu, Tepeoren-Istanbul
Factory: Ankara Asfalti, E5 Karayolu, Sifa Mahallesi Girisi, E Blok, Tuzla-Istanbul
Tepeoren Villalari Marketing Section: Phone: (0216) 677 11 09   Mobile: (0533) 726 06 41 - (0533) 726 06 42

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